Strange Love: Or How I Learned to Fuck the Bomb
Now a FINALIST in the 2nd Round for the 2020 Screenwriting Lab!

A feature film screenplay by Nitzan Mager


A sexually-repressed multi-lingual translator from New Jersey must rescue humanity from a group of international despots who seek world domination by shutting down the earth’s electrical grid using her vagina.


Sue is a sexually-repressed multi-lingual translator from New Jersey. Naz is an Iranian nuclear scientist and undercover spy struggling with gender identity. Sheila is a secretary from the Bronx in her almost-still-late-40’s who identifies as a MILF without children. Mama is a bright 11 year-old who broke out of foster care and now supports herself with a carrier-pigeon service.
Together they must undo a plot, led by an international group of megalomaniacs, to detonate nuclear bombs across the world’s liberal strongholds in order to usher in a new era of brutal authoritarianism and good old fashioned values.